Does the Great Reset Really Mean I’ll Own Nothing?

Here are some links, references and excerpts — you decide

Justin Honse


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Online Discussion

Considering the tremendous amount of online discussion, tweets, posts and YouTube videos being made about the Great Reset initiative of the World Economic Forum, for many there has been difficulty connecting what sounds like a conspiracy theory to reality. It’s not impossible, but it seems to have been made intentionally difficult by design. After all, if the WEF and the Davos folks really are trying to shift us to some technocratic corporatist world where we “have no privacy” and “own nothing”, they can’t just come out and say that.

The most recent pushback I’m seeing people argue about regarding the Great Reset, is whether A) it’s even a real thing; and B) that the “Welcome to 2030” article’s claims aren’t necessarily tied to the Great Reset initiatives.

The Purpose of this Article

The purpose of this article is to help make these connections and provide the links, references, and excerpts to show where one particular claim — that we’ll “Own Nothing” — is coming from.

This article specifically focuses on A) showing that the Great Reset is a real set of initiatives by the WEF, and B) shows that 2030 is what they’re aiming for. It also shows the likely sources of C) the “You’ll own nothing” (and rent everything) aspect of recent claims. Certainly there’s a ton of overall documentation but some things are hard to find, and the WEF site is a pain to navigate and directly link to.

First, as you’ll see below — it’s a real set of initiatives. The Davos people have been talking about and slowly planning the Great Reset for years, and in fact some of the things people have stumbled upon are from 2016 or earlier. Nonetheless, it’s a huge initiative and has been in progress for quite awhile. Once you see the sheer amount of documentation on it, it becomes quite clear this wasn’t thrown together in a few weeks, or even months.

The Main Site for the Great Reset
The official Great Reset site is linked below — and once you get halfway down the page you can click the “Read More” button next to “Find out more about the Great Reset”



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