• TrustMe™/TPX™ Property Exchanges

    TrustMe™/TPX™ Property Exchanges

    TrustMe™/TPX™ is a London based, DLT / AI, software development, applications and services company providing solutions to industries, governments and consumers.

  • Kriss. Samuel. KILONZO

    Kriss. Samuel. KILONZO

    Blockchain software developer, crypto analyst, bubble chaser founder@ www.defianalytica.com

  • wasan mohtua

    wasan mohtua

  • Tushar Chaudhary

    Tushar Chaudhary

    Hi There! Myself Tushar and I live somewhere between 20.5937° N, 78.9629° E .A passionate writer and a student. I post articles every fortnight, hopefully.

  • Lewis Carness

    Lewis Carness

  • ray s

    ray s

  • Spas Bojanov

    Spas Bojanov

  • Zainab Jafri

    Zainab Jafri

    Occasional Writer (if it’s a thing). Aerospace Engineer (it is a thing). Expect opinions on books/films/religions/politics & all things human.

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