For the Love of God — Just Subscribe Already

I regret not subscribing sooner — even though I’m broke

Surely you’ve found yourself clicking on an article that looks interesting to read, only to be hit with Medium’s paywall of your “three maximum free stories” limit for the month. I did this for years, and now I don’t know why.

I started writing for Medium less than two months back, and there were so many helpful articles about writing in general, and about Medium itself. I’d get frustrated with it, but then I was like, “why don’t I just pay the five bucks?”

I pay for Netflix. I pay for Spotify. I pay for a music sample service, and even one or two other monthly services I can’t REMEMBER right now. How unimportant are those I’ve forgotten, yet here’s something in front of me I can have access to, within my reach, that I keep avoiding?

Something I know I will use even!

I think I need to hop online and check my bank account for whatever miscellanies I’m paying for that I don’t really use — because Medium has too much good stuff on here — I realized it’s worth more to me than some other things I blindly pay for. Starbucks, Peet’s, or Caribou Coffee in the morning? Medium’s subscription costs like one cup of coffee — but for the whole month!

Chart by author, based on data from PC Magazine survey by Rob Marvin, Sept 2019

Now I’m not mad at a platform — I’m mad at myself over how many interesting articles I had to decide to either skip completely, or bookmark and remember to come back in several weeks. It was silliness, because you forget. But since, I’ve read, unimpeded, several great articles and posts that I remember having to skip in the past. I can now just simply read them! It’s a wonderful thing!

Times are tight, financially, right now. I’m not trying to be tone deaf to that fact. For me personally, I’m struggling as well — but the reason I keep services like Spotify, Netflix and Medium even with the minimal income I have — is the “Return on Investment” — I feel I get an outsize amount of usage, and even joy, from being able to utilize all of these services.

(Plus, my roommate would kill me if I suddenly cancelled Netflix.)

As a writer, it’s easy to want to plug Medium’s subscription — because those who write on Medium don’t earn any money — even if thousands of people read their articles — even if a post goes “viral” — unless some portion of those readers are actually Medium members that pony up the five bucks a month.

That’s the only way Medium is able to pay writers — and I think many of those writers do a great job and deserve whatever they can get from the platform. There’s just great stuff on here.

Truly, I am genuinely sharing the way I felt as a regular person, questioning myself as to why I didn’t just subscribe to Medium sooner. Of course memberships help Medium writers — but you — the reader — get the joy of access to ALL of the articles, immediately, at your fingertips.

I think it’s an excellent value for the money, personally.

Subscribe to Medium right now!

Disclaimer: I was not asked, or paid, by Medium in any way, shape or form to write this article — it was just from personal thoughts I had. Any partner-program related earnings are just consequential by default, the same as any other article.

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I write about Economics and Social issues that affect us all, because my country, America, has problems and change is needed now.

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