I’ve been writing on Medium for about seven of the last nine months, I agree with a lot of what you said. I’ve basically just been broke and so I canceled my Medium membership two or three months ago. I still get curated and earn so the main difference is that you can’t see articles behind the paywall. Also for whatever reason, I had to leave you this note here, because it said only media members can see responses to the story. I feel like my first article just started getting traction from the other day and it has earned the $38 over the last week. That’s by far the most I’ve earned in such a short period. I earned $71 last month and this month, $25 in just the first three days but again, this is my first anomaly. I wish you luck, I definitely feel like I can’t find my audience on Medium personally which is why I stopped my subscription.

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I write about Economics and Social issues that affect us all, because my country, America, has problems and change is needed now.

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